SK Shufflers, Like AZ Shufflers, Like Their Boards Fast!! Other Canadian Shufflers Like Their Courts Not that Fast!!

David and Glenna Earle

I publish this article now (2017 08 04) as a result of an “observation” from our most respected contributor, our most respected Golden Cue Recipient; our most respected ISA HOF Inductee; our most respected CNSA HOF Inductee; to be our most respected FSA HOF Inductee on 2018 01 15; AND our most respected on stage performer!!  Just a note of explanation with regard to the “performer” aspect.  David and Glenna have “that down east intuitive/instinctive ability when it comes to musical ability!!”  Probably the best example of this was their contribution on our Cruise  during our very first IP (Inter Provincial) Tournament.  I am now inserting a pdf file which tells us a good deal about the Earles. At the bottom of the 2nd page, you will find a pic of David and Glenna “on stage”!   Introduction of the Earles CNSA[1]   Glenna in reporting on the 5th CNSA IP in Moose Jaw SK was “taken” to be polite, by the speed and unpredictability of the Moose Jaw Courts!!  Her observations caused me to recall an article I had written when wintering in Apache Junction, AZ. Arizona Florida Comparison up 2017 08 03    PLEASE MAKE NO MISTAKE; AZ shufflers, and I am sure SK shufflers, work hard to keep their “Boards” fast!  In speaking of this topic I often recall a conversation I had with Al Wilson who also spent some time shuffling in AZ.   We were both shuffling in Blackstock ON at the time. We reminisced about AZs fast Boards > and agreed that while it was a challenge; it was an experience we both had enjoyed, an experience we would remember for ever!!

Stan McCormack.  2017 08 04.


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