We Give You a Pic of the 1st Place Finisher in the 36th ISA, World Singles!!

Ellen Hansson of Norway, 1st Place in the Women’s Singles of the 36th ISA.

I would like to congratulate Ellen on her outstanding performance during the 36th ISA in Niteroi Brazil. 

Ellen becomes a member of the most distinguished group of female shufflers who have earned The Golden Cue!!  She joins our very first female, Sachiyo Takita, 2009 in Betmar; Glenna Earle, 2011 in Dieppe; Glenna repeated in 2013 at St Petersburg;  and in 2015 at Clearwater, it was Alice Enos.  

The Hanssons of Norway. Olav placed 8th; Ellen Places 1st.

I want to thank Harold Thorne for sending along these pix!!  I am still searching for a pic of the Golden Cue Presentation(s), both men and women???  It seems cameras were in short supply at the Presentation??  (NOTE: The pic at the top is 4 MB, and that is very large; I tell you this as you may have to wait for it to open, depending on your internet speed.) Click on pic of Olav and Ellen to maximize.

Stan McCormack. 2017 08 04.   






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2 Responses to We Give You a Pic of the 1st Place Finisher in the 36th ISA, World Singles!!

  1. Henry and Linda Armstrong says:

    There were lots of photos taken, but if eveyone is like myself – it was a super busy, tiring, exhausting trip and the photos will probably be put out when all of us have recuperated and with
    time to do so


  2. Glenna & David Earle says:

    Congratulations Ellen!! Beautiful as ever and a very accomplished shuffler. Great job!!! Sorry I was not there to congratulate you in person.


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