Battle Creek MI in the Local Newspaper, AND THAT IS GOOD!!

I am going to give you a link to the Newspaper Article. HATS OFF to those responsible for getting the article into the PAPER. The article, c/w pic, is on page 50 51. When the window opens, “pull” the red line across until you reach page 50 51.  NOW, press the “+” sign to zoom in.  NOW, select  full screen and you will be able to clearly/easily, read the entire article.  Club President Larry Roan is quoted  extensively. Here is the link:  Battle Creek Shopper News by J-ad Graphics Inc – issuu  (It is not allowing me to make the link. To see the article, copy and paste what I have entered in blue, INTO YOUR BROWSER.

Memorial Service Shirley Curtis

Jerry Deren ensures we are kept informed with regard to MI events. He sent along a brief announcement and pic of the passing of the wife of  Michigan Shuffler Vern Curtis.  The pic Jerry has sent was taken at the Memorial Service.  From left to right Larry Roan, Battle Creek Club President; Sarah, Vern’s daughter, Jerry Deren, 1st VP of MI State, Vern and his 4 sons.  Our thoughts are with Vern and Family at this time.  Thanks so very much to Jerry for keeping us “In The Know” with regard to the happenings in MI!!  Stan McCormack.  2017 08 06.


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