Diane, Joan and Earl Arrive

I know Joan Cook, Diana Morrison & Lofty Haskim are big fans of the Tampa Bay Rays so I asked them if they would like to go to the game. They were all excited and thrilled to have a chance to go, however Lofty just couldn’t; he wouldn’t be able to walk well enough. I picked the gals up and off we went. (Click on any pic to expand)

Our first exciting encounter was  a thunder storm where you almost couldn’t see a thing!!  If you’ve been in Florida during the summer you know what I mean; the good news is we made it through. We parked, cleared security and bought our tickets; right behind home plate so we could clearly see all the, hammers; I mean, home runs the Rays were going to make.

“Gals” With Iron Man

Earl With Iron Woman!!

As we entered the stadium we found that we were attending on Iron Man night. The Gals were excited to have their picture taken with him, I preferred Iron Women.

We got to our seats and the Gals were so excited as we settled in to watch the slug fest, lots of kitchen play anticipated too. Don’t you know we got a pitcher’s duel instead, a shuffleboard match is more exciting to watch than a pitcher’s duel. We sat there as the Rays didn’t get a hit until the 5th inning, they didn’t even hit the ball hard. But it was only 1-0 and we just knew things would break loose soon and we were almost right as a fly to left appeared to be a home run; we finally made a hammer. We were all jumping around only to come back down to earth when we realized the ball had been caught, the disc was on the line. Two innings later we thought were had the lead as a ball was hit over the wall with a runner on board but the ball was foul by oh so little, another missed hammer. We hung in till the bitter end but just couldn’t pull them through. We hoped for a couple kitchens at the end but just didn’t get them.

All of us had a good time and vowed to go again!  Earl 2017 08 06

I wonder if Earl Remembers telling this STORY in 2004??   https://theshuffler.net/2013/10/12/the-good-ole-hockey-game-to-night-in-tampa/  My god, have I been doing this for 13 years??  (In reality it is 17 years!!!!!)  NOT SO INCIDENTALLY, Earl has been doing it for the same period!!   Stan 2017 08 06. 

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One Response to Earl Ball Speaks: I TOOK MY GIRL FRIENDS TO THE BALL GAME!!

  1. Phil Hill says:

    Good stuff Earl, and very chivalrous of you.


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