Remember the Malcolms; Gwen and Malcolm?? Of Betmar and Blackstock!! Here they are at 98 and 90!!

The Malcolms: Gwen Celebrates 90; Lawrence Celebrates 98 Years of Happiness!!  Found this in their local newspaper.  Birthdays were in February of 2017.

SHUFFLEBOARD CITIZEN OF MERIT was a series Alf Primeau and I ran in the early 2000s.  To-day Sunday (2017 08 06) I decided to see if I could find any current info. vis-à-vis  the Malcolms; Lawrence was one of our Citizens of Merit.  Lawrence and wife Gwen both shuffled at the Blackstock Shuffleboard Club at the same time as Lois and I.  (Early 2000s) As the article indicates, the Malcolms wintered at Betmar, FL for 15 years where Lawrence opened State and District Tournaments with the singing of “O-Canada”.  Lawrence had a great sense of humor; he was “into” coloured shoes before many of us!!

Lawrence Malcolm

Original Article: Our citizen of merit earns accolades by reason of the level of service he has provided and continues to provide to the “community of shufflers”. This devotion to service started at a much younger age when Lawrence served his community as a municipal elected representative. Lawrence served as Reeve of the Township for 6 years; became the first mayor of the township and served in that capacity for 5 years, and then for a period of 8 years, as Regional Councillor under “Regional Government”. He retired from municipal politics undefeated!
Lawrence and wife Gwendolyn (Gwen) have wintered in Betmar FL for 15 Winters. Lawrence participates in Club Shuffling. However; he has become a celebrity not for his shuffling but rather for his role in singing the Canadian National Anthem at the District and State Tournaments held at Betmar. He has been doing this for 5 years, and on occasion, he also sings the American National Anthem.

At his “home club”, the Scugog Club of Blackstock ON, it is Lawrence who provides us access, who ensures the building is secure when we leave AND perhaps most importantly, it is Lawrence who ensures that we shufflers have our coffee on a timely and regular basis! Lawrence has served the Scugog Club as their vice president for a period of 5 years.

While we have highlighted the service aspect of Lawrence’s shuffling career, do not let that fool you if you meet him on the Courts!! Some of that “political savoir faire” is still evident. He can lure you into a relaxed game and then “pow”, he has you at his mercy!!

Who said that politics is not a good training ground for Shuffling?? Lawrence; your many friends in America and Canada salute you for the service you provide to your community!!

Article by Stan McCormack. At this time I did not carefully record dates. Original article ran in the early 2000s. Stan 2017 08 06.

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4 Responses to Remember the Malcolms; Gwen and Malcolm?? Of Betmar and Blackstock!! Here they are at 98 and 90!!

  1. Wow. Very well written article. What a pair of fine patriotic citizens. O Canada be proud of them.


  2. stanistheman says:

    Thank You Michael: I have e-mailed Earl and suggested he print off and post in Betmar. Keep on “shuffling” Michael >> You Too will make 98!!! Stan


  3. Michael Zellner says:

    Stan, Absolutely love the article. Just a constructive comment for you. When partners are mentioned in an article as accomplishing a task the author is always the last mentioned to avoid a perception that one is of higher significance. For example : Alf and I, is the more correct statement and not I and Alf. Or Alf, John and I, for 3 authors. I am quite sure you were the leading author but protocol states we are last in identification. My students sent articles for publishing and if I missed something like this it was always returned for gramatical review. Michael

    Sent from my iPhone



  4. stanistheman says:

    Thank You Michael!! No one is more aware of that than I???? I noticed that on my “final check”, and I am trying NOW to comprehend WHY, I did not correct.. My apologies to Alf. Stan


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