A Summary of What Transpired Leading up to the New MI State HOF

Ron Nurnberger comments:  “The success of Michigan shuffleboard continues to resonate the sport. The quality and managing of all Michigan Shuffleboard tournaments each summer continues to bring players from Ohio and Indiana because of their professional approach, competitiveness and true comrades of fun.  Hats of to all those who have supported MI Shuffleboard. Their continued dedication is very much appreciated.”  

PS.  Kudo’s to Lloyd Schmitt who won his  third straight Michigan ‘Open’ Men’s Doubles Title!

Larry Roan( president of Battle Creek Shuffleboard Club) Jerry Deren ( 2nd v.p. of  Battle Creek Shuffleboard Club) shared responsibility for getting the courts ready, getting sponsors, getting publicity, coverage from the local newspaper, taking pix of winners, ensuring food & drinks were available, etc. Nancee Ludwick, Tom & Cheryl Putnam, Karen Cochran, Dick  Hook, Marty Phlip, & many others helped all 4 days with the morning setups.

Ann Wedel was tournament director with assistance from JO Miller…&.new training director assistants Marcia Clark & Jerry Deren.

Jerry Deren Speaks: 2 yrs ago when I heard that the South West District shuffle board district was forming a  HOF  I said to myself the MSA should have a HOF. I started communicating with  Larry Brown, Max Tate, Jerry Standard, & Ron Nurnberger to get advice. After doing research I found the districts in  FL. have a pt. system for all tournaments  & 3 categories for being in the HOF …special awards, president, & player. Here in MI we only assign pts. to the 4 day State MI tourney. I looked at the rules & qualifications of the FSA & Central District & decided with the advice of the 4 previously named men to form a committee. The committee members are Jerry Deren, Don Rood, Tom Putnam, & George Roesema. The MSA HOF committee being that it’s new, will be tweaking & adjusting the rules in the following wks. This yr., 2017 MSA
HOF class were all inducted under SPECIAL AWARDS.
Jerry Deren   (Article posted 2017 08 07 by Stan McCormack. 

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