Coldwater Club Has Great Success With Their Fun Day! 2017 09 10

Coldwater Fun Day Participants.

Gary Pipher Speaks: When I open the computer and look at the many web sites and blogs  that have information and postings on Shuffleboard it can only mean one thing , and that is that the game is as popular now as it has been in years past , except that now we have this social media system to spread the word and keep people informed of what is taking place locally and around the world. 
Shuffleboard Cubs across Ontario were very busy this week with Tournaments, and it’s great to see the participation in each event.
Coldwater held their annual Fun Day for the members with games of Hoss Collar and a BBQ’d lunch of hamburgers and hot dogs.  The Fun day was well attended with 56 players taking to the courts to apply their skills . Cash prizes were awarded to the winners as well as several players with hidden scores .
Club President George OReilly  along with his 1St VP Ella Smith are to be congratulated for the successful Fun Day and a special thanks to George’s son and granddaughter for looking after the great lunch.  And to Lorraine Pollock and Barb Pipher for taking care of the money the scores and handing out the cash prizes. 
The players went outside for the annual Club photo.  The winners posed for their photo and showed off their cash prizes.  Article sent along by Gary Pipher WITH THANKS!!  Posted 2017 08 11 by Stan McCormack.

Fun Day Players Who Picked Up the Money!!


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1 Response to Coldwater Club Has Great Success With Their Fun Day! 2017 09 10

  1. Congrats to Barb and Gary for a great day!
    Arnold and Mary


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