OSGA 55+ Regional Games in Pembroke ON Results!! Congrats to the WINNERS!!

Taking the GOLD: Ray Cotan, Cornwall on the left; Graham Barkley on the right, from Long Sault.

To-day, 2017 08 16, at Pembroke ON, in the Germania Club, the finals for the EASTERN REGION of the OSGA (Ontario Senior Games Association) concluded. Ray and Graham, above, were presented with the Gold Medals.  The Tournament Director had neglected, (or was unable) to bring with her, the Silver and Bronze Medals. This caused a good deal of frustration and disappointment among many of the players, not just those who earned the Silver and Bronze.  Taking Silver (no medal) were Don and Betty Ann Stanton of Golden Lake, and Ted and Betty Moran of Finch.  (Stantons had won Gold in the Renfrew County Games on May 24th in Barrie’s Bay). The TD did not announce which couple, if either, would have been awarded the Bronze Medal.

Don & Betty Ann Stanton of Golden Lake on the left; and Ted & Betty Moran of Finch.

Players and Directors at the Regional Games in Pembroke of 2017 08 16.

Posted by Stan McCormack; 2017 08 16.  You JUST MAY WISH to go here to see the coverage of another Regional Games: Don’t miss the Slide Show: https://theshuffler.net/2013/08/21/sga-55-eastern-regional-games-2013/


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