Your Club May Wish to Think About Investing Your Time As Set Out Below!!

Special Needs Shufflers Demonstrate That Indeed, They Are SPECIAL!

The Coldwater Shuffleboard Club is possibly one of the only Shuffleboard Clubs in Canada which devotes their time once a week, to host games for a special needs group of adults.

Gary Pipher Speaks: Members of the Coldwater Shuffleboard such as Shirley Monger, Elnor Simmons,President George Orilley, Marie and Bill Kinnear and Ella and Ed Smith are to be congratulated for the work they do in supporting this special group of players.
My wife Barb and I have not been at their games as often as we would like since moving from Coldwater. We went over to the Club on Tue morning and boy oh  boy, were we surprised!!
 So many of these special adults gave Barb hugs, and each and every one of them made a special effort to say hello, to shake our hand, to remember our names and to give hugs and more hugs.   

That was not the only thing that surprised me!! When I went out on the courts to watch and possibly help wherever, came my biggest surprise. The two young men playing at the foot of the court, closest to me where nothing short of remarkable. 
The accuracy of each of their shots was as good as any seasoned pro, and possibly the only lacking feature was in their game strategy. But what they lacked in strategy,  they made up for in enthusiasm and good honest fellowship for their opponent. 
The Coldwater Club is to be congratulated for  continuing this great tradition of shuffleboard for these special needs adults which Barb and I began over 6 years ago.
A closing banquet complete with  trophies are presented to each of the players, and it is so gratifying to see the joy it brings when they receive their awards.
This is something other clubs might want to think about by adding a rewarding programme such as this to your club.

Sent along by Gary Pipher WITH THANKS.  2017 08 17.


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2 Responses to Your Club May Wish to Think About Investing Your Time As Set Out Below!!

  1. myrna says:

    Great article!

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  2. That’s a wonderful program you’re doing, Barb and Gary. We have something similar here, but with lawn bowling and the clients just love it. They aren’t allowed to give hugs (????) but sometimes you can’t stop them as they are so enthusiastic, kind and caring. Keep up the good work!


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