1000: In 2003, Earl Ball Said This About Partner Stan Williamson!!

Stan Williamson in Blue; Earl Ball in Yellow!


Stan McCormack speaking: As Earl, in his original article spoke extensively about early partner Stan Williamson, I searched my archives to locate the article below > written by Earl in 2003.  To read the original  article: https://theshuffler.net/2017/08/17/will-you-earn-1000-points-in-your-shuffleboard-career-this-man-needs-13-points/

Earl Speaking: Stan Williamson is a year round resident of the Daytona area. Stan is no stranger to the competitive shuffling circuit. He became an Instant Pro in Florida during the 1992/93 season, won the Northern District “Tournament of Champions”, qualified for and won the Northern District “Masters”. In the 10 years Stan has been a Pro, he has qualified for the Northern District “Masters” nine times and won the Championship six of the eight times it was contested!!! As if that is not enough, Stan holds the all time scoring record for the Northern District, 65 points in one season!!
During the 22nd International at Clearwater, Stan played at the foot, while at the head was Earl Ball.

Stan McCormack Speaks: I believe Earl is best equipped to share with us a story or two about Stan. A story which may give the rest of us some insight into this player, a player who always provides a good deal of excitement and enjoyment for those who watch him play. Take it away Earl!
Earl Ball Speaks:  “As I tell people, Stan is the only person in the game that makes me feel sane, because he’ll do crazier things than I do. He’s a soft hearted guy; has a good time and likes to help other people have a good time whether they want to or not. After playing against him for a short time, you realize you can either have a good time or lie down and cry, he’s that good. What ever you think the situation calls for, you can be assured that’s not what Stan is going to do!! All over the board, go ahead and shoot at me, your next stop is the kitchen. Slices, combinations, what ever it takes; no disc is safe with Stan shooting. Many a player has been left wide eyed with their mouth hanging open in disbelief. I consider him to be the best player in the world. If you accept his wild and unencumbered approach to the game, you’ll have the time of your life playing Shuffleboard. It doesn’t take long for the crowd to find the excitement; they gravitate to Stan with “ou’s” and “ah’s”– as incredible things begin to happen!! He laughs, they laugh, and everyone enjoys the party. Stan is what Shuffleboard should be –Fun for all”.

Thank You Earl: No more words are needed.
Reporter Stan: Archives of 2003 02 23.

Stan McCormack, 2017 08 18


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