Royal Palms Fall League About To Begin! Sign Up Now!!

Spots Now Available for Fall Leagues Beginning September 11/12

The boys and girls of summer are ready to take you firmly by the hand and lead you towards the wildest leaf-peepin-fall-season of your entire life.

In just three short weeks our staff team, The Pepperonis, will return from their sun soaked hiatus- tanned, shaggy and determined as fuuuuuck to take down the fall league title…. Will you be there to stand in their way?

  • Don’t be intimidated – no experience required. This league is for EVERYONE:
    AfterWork Amigos
    Babysitter Night Weekly Party Parents
    Beer Nerd Bubs
    Separated at Birth Sextuplets
    New-To-NYC Blossoming Sunflowers
    Jon Snow Dreamboats
    Bowling Ball Haters Untied
    Insane In The Brain Bong and Bongo Buddies
    Hot Pop Corny Punsters
    Fantasy Football Trade Vetoers
    Unicorn and Rainbow Trapper Keeper Collectors
    Trap Queens, Kings, Jacks and Tens
  • Grab your favorite peeps and start a team for godsakes! We’ve got giant six foot trophies, ridiculous drink specials, a new food truck each week, badass djs, theme nights, an incredible blowout banquet and FREE SHUFFLEBOARD ALL SEASON LONG!
  • Interested? Darn right you are! Click the button below to find out more.

    Get Me In The Royal Palms Shuffleboard League Right Friggin Click on link.

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2 Responses to Royal Palms Fall League About To Begin! Sign Up Now!!

  1. Glenna & David Earle says:

    Just love it!! These guys are so amazingly talented with their adverts!


    • stanistheman says:

      Glenna: If you get a group together, a group from Zephyrhills; in similar positions to those in the top pic, I will photograph!!! It would be truly eye catching, even AMAZING!! Lov it! Thanks Glenna.


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