Shuffleboard Will “Work” in Cuba by Earl Ball

Rock Ceremony Earl and Vivian in Cuba

We just returned from Cuba last night.

Earl Ball Speaks: As you can imagine, shuffleboard doesn’t exist but what a great sport for such a Country whose people are bright, energetic and imaginative!
We’ve all heard of the old cars but to see what they have done to keep them running and make them real show pieces is incredible. This leads me to believe building shuffleboard courts wouldn’t be that big a challenge for them. Of course they have no idea what shuffleboard is about and have very limited access to the internet to learn but they have open public squares and I have even picked out the best one for them. It’s called the old square and was a market for the merchant ships in the early days. If you think about it shuffleboard isn’t that expensive; a few cues, some discs and away you go. Getting them exposure to the game and letting their imagination takeover would produce a whole different style with dancing and music on a level only seen at St Pete on Friday evening; they are such a joyful people!




Click on any pic to expand.  When Earl gets his Green Jacket, he is thinking of immigrating to Cuba!!  Article by Earl; posted by Stan on 207 08 22.

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1 Response to Shuffleboard Will “Work” in Cuba by Earl Ball

  1. myrna says:

    Sounds like a great idea! Good luck to Earl and wife.

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