1000-6 No One Said Earl Ball Was NOT Respected???

Comments received with regard to Earl Ball as a Person and a Player

Glen Peltier Speaks: Earl is truly a shuffleboard wonder. He has made the game so much better. He plays great, he teaches, he brings in new players but most of all he promotes the game every day year around.

I wish Earl well getting not only his last 13 points, but many, many more in his bright future. He deserves the green jacket. He will wear it proudly. Glen Peltier.

Jerry Stannard Speaks: Not only does Earl deserve all the praise for what he has accomplished but for all the help he gives to any and all players.  I have learned much from him the past 14 years and have enjoyed watching many of his victories, sometimes driving over an hour to see him play a big match.  Not realized by most is that he never fails to come back for the third day even if it’s for third in consolation OR that he spends many hours weekly to keep his rickety body going. If others made the same commitments and studied the game the way he does we would have many more great players. Many don’t realize that 4 or so years ago Earl won 3 or 4 in a row while playing with average to a bit above average players.

I must close with saying that some of my most enjoyable matches have been the ones where I beat him (especially twice with Stan in Clearwater in ’06 for first and ’07 in the quarters; I had the great Grant Boshart as my partner).  Another little-known fact is that he is always calling to congratulate others on wins and accomplishments.

I look forward to celebrating 1,000 pts. at his Celebration.

Jerry Stannard.  2017 08 23.

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