1000-4: Earl Shares Wtih Us “Why He Was So Successful” viz His Partners!!

Partners Enable You To Achieve Your Objective!!!


Babe Ruth

Just as Babe Ruth didn’t start out to hit 60 homers in a season or 700 in a career; I didn’t start out to win 100 Championships. As we all know, you are only as good as your partner and I’ve had some very good partners. It just slays me to hear players say to their partners “you play your end and I’ll play mine”. Successful players know better! Both players have to be on the same page and I play with one primary partner at a time and they know what to expect and therefore what they need to do and so do I.
I’ve won right around 110 Championships and Glen Peltier is 2nd with 99. Yes I’m counting and keeping track.

Stan Williamson

I’ve had two primary Partners, Stan Williamson, with whom I won the 1st championship.

Henry Strong

And Henry Strong, with whom I won number 100 with; I’ve won nearly 40 Tournaments with each.  Earl thinks this about Henry: HENRY STRONG HOF Induction Remarks

Grant Boshart

Grant Boshart was my primary partner for two seasons right after Stan W. made the “Hall of Fame” and decided to retire for a couple of years. Grant and I won eight Tournaments together; many of you who remember Grant, will know he had zero patience, and even though I thought the World of him, he was very hard to play with.  (Stan McC: I am inserting Earl’s remarks on the occasion of Grant’s induction into the FSA HOF1-actual-for-grant-boshart-by-earl-ball AND, you may enjoy this: 02 BOSHART MAKES 200 for FSA HOF 06 01 14.  Grant Boshart “left us” some time ago. Sorry, I do not have his date of death.

Joan Cook

Mike Vassolotti

Let’s get back to Earl:  “I’ve won with 17 different partners, four of them women. Joan Cook and I won three together and held the Winter Haven and Clearwater Championships at the same time, the only couple to do that.

Mike Vassolotti  and I also won three together. Many of you have heard me say that Mike is the best player I’ve ever seen. Mike had a soft heart; I just know we could have won more if he had wanted too.  Kenny Offenther said this about Mike on the occasion of the presentation of his 100th Anniversary “MVP” Pin: 19 MIKE VASSOLOTTI, 2012 11 26

David Earle

Diana Morrison

Judy Ross

David Earle and I also won three together. David is the smartest player I’ve ever played with and I always wished I had had a chance to play more with him. I won two with Diana Morrison and Judy Ross as well as Jack Grant who is the best player ever to come out of Zephyrhills.

Jacques Bergeron

Mary Eldridge

Earl Ball.

I only played one tournament with Jacque Bergeron and we won or should I say Jacque  won.  He’s another one that I would like to have had a chance to play more with; a true class act. Also, part of the total is the four Tournament of Champions tournaments I won; no one else has won that many.

I played my 1st “Masters” at the historic St Pete Club, the last St Pete hosted and was awarded my “White Jacket” by Mary Eldridge, one of the games all-time greats.

I went on to win a “Masters” and win two co “Masters” championships; the “Masters” Championships are not included in the total.
I expect this record will stand for awhile!

Earl Ball:  Highlighting those who worked their butts off in support of Earl wearing the GREEN JACKET!!  Getting You Ready For the CELEBRATION!!!

Narrative by Earl Ball. Pix and “stories” added by Stan McCormack. 2017 08 26.

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2 Responses to 1000-4: Earl Shares Wtih Us “Why He Was So Successful” viz His Partners!!

  1. Gus Bondi says:


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  2. Michael Zellner says:

    There is nobody like “Earl the Pearl” both on and off the court.
    And I doubt shuffleboard will see the likes for many years to come. On a personal note I remember one tournament I was up on Earl until Henry Strong yelled at him from the audience to wake up and then it went downhill from there for me.

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