Jim and Ellie Crowell Begin a “Shuffleboard Clinic” in Nova Scotia!!

Hats Off to Jim and Ellie!!

Glenna Earle Speaks: Jim and Eleanor Crowell are members of ZSC in FL and have been playing this season with us in the Saltwater Club, Sackville, NS.

Since they would like very much to get something going in their area (they live a little over an hour from Sackville).  Jim purchased 2 courts on his own which he & Ellie set up for a clinic in Bridgewater. As you can see from the note I received, they did very well.
Perhaps next season we will see another group of shufflers pop up in the Bridgewater area.
Unfortunately, we may lose some of our players which will be sad, but we encourage them to “spread the fun” along their shore and we will hope their efforts will draw attention to shuffling in both our areas.
Glenna Earle.

Subject: Shuffle board clinic aug23/17

Jim Crowell Speaks: Hi Glenna
We were very pleased with the turn out and interest. We had all attending list name ,phone number and email address. It was 22 excluding us. Rose , Jack and Jim were a great help.
As soon as Jim sent the picture of scoreboard he realized it was painted for singles and immediately repainted it for doubles.
The curling rink is starting to prep ice to put in ice on Monday to get it finished for senior 55 games. So we can not use again.
Thank you to Dave for the use of the bead spreading devise. As well as all the tips for planning for the clinic.
Yours in shuffling
Jim and Ellie   (Crowell) ((Posted 2017 08 26))

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2 Responses to Jim and Ellie Crowell Begin a “Shuffleboard Clinic” in Nova Scotia!!

  1. kastawaykaty says:

    Very nice effort Ellie & Jim for promoting our beloved sport!!


  2. John says:

    Jim. This is John Mac Lean. We have been away. Somehow your phone is not in my messages. Tel. 902-543-5698


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