Will Earl Ball EVER Catch Glen Peltier???? Glen has 1356; Earl ALMOST a 1,000.

They Both Look Quite Healthy!!


I’ve explained this before but I continue to get the question “can I catch Glen?” He’s got about 1350 points or so and is 81 years old. He will probably finish with about 1500 points. I’m 73 and have averaged just short of 55 points a season and although that is the most, at least for a man, it still means I would need to play 9 to 10 years at top level.

Glen leveled off three or four years ago, so it stands to reason the same will happen with me. But the real kicker is, and many of you know this, the oldest male ever to live on either side of my family was 68! So, as you can see I’m on borrowed time and have been for quite some time which is why I live life full bore. I don’t think catching Glen is in the cards!

You’ve read the story where Stan tells about putting my rickety body back together and where Jerry Stannard tells that he is aware of some of the things I try to do to keep my rickety body functioning.  So let me tell you about it because most of you probably do something similar.

I swim 400 yards a day, 200 in the morning, sometimes before daylight, and 200 in the late afternoon. That takes the place of the one hour a day I used to walk until I injured my Achilles tendon. Before breakfast I do a series of 16 stretching exercises and I lift light weights every other day at the YMCA; 50 to 70 pounds for the upper body and 70 to 90 pounds for the lower body. I do 18 machines with 10 reps three times. I know Champions in every sport dedicate themselves to preparation; I’m sure you do too. Of course the goal is to maintain strength, stamina, endurance and range of motion. It has kept me from falling on more than one occasion and as we all know at this age we don’t bounce any more, we splat! It’s obvious that I still like to drink beer and eat but as I tell others, one trip to the hospital and all of the extra weight will be gone.

Article by Earl Ball. Posted by Stan McCormack. 2017 08 27.  Top Pic by Alf Primeau; Others by Stan McCormack.


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4 Responses to Will Earl Ball EVER Catch Glen Peltier???? Glen has 1356; Earl ALMOST a 1,000.

  1. Virginia Chandler says:

    Well said Earl ! Great article !


  2. Pat Batdorff says:

    Enjoying the articles about Earl and Glen.


  3. Glen Peltier. says:

    Earl, i really am pulling for you. You keep the game alive. I lost 15 pounds this summer and got engaged so i hope to play well for a few more good years. I might try some of your exercises. You are too modest, I think you only need four more years to pass me. Henry said you get better every year. Henry will be next along with Jim Miller to get a green jacket. Shuffleboard will keep us young. Glen Peltier.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. stanistheman says:

    Glen: Congratulations on the engagement!!! Please share with us who the “lucky” woman is!!!


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