The Healys, Art and Dorothy, Express Their Appreciation!!

Dorothy and Art Healy Express Their Appreciation!!

Art and Dorothy Healy Speak:  Now that we are back home from our first International Shuffleboard  Association World Tournament (ISA) in Brazil,  we would like to show our appreciation to the folks who followed us  during our shuffleboard adventure.

The schedule kept us going each day from 5:30 a.m. until evening.  Even  though we did not win Gold Medals for Canada we certainly won many  lifetime memories!!

Shufflers from around the world we now can call friends.   There are so many to thank we feel it best not to mention individual  names as someone could be missed.
The Brazilian Shuffleboard organization for hosting the event, Myrna  Bilton the ISA President, Glen Monroe the Tournament Director,  and I can’t forget the volunteers who kept the courts in condition, plus  their assistance for Dorothy (my wife) when required.
THANK YOU to all.
Our 10 days in Brazil were most enjoyable and will be remembered..
Congratulations to Ellen Hansson from Norway who was the ladies Golden  Cue winner, and Michael Hirsch from U.S.A. who was the men’s Golden Cue  winner.  ( Golden Cue winners are those who finish first overall in the Tournament.)
We thank St. Lawrence News and The Renfrew Mercury for their send off  articles, and to all who contacted us with best wishes before leaving  for Brazil.
Many Many thanks to all.
Dorothy and Art Healy.. Brockville,  Ontario.

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8 Responses to The Healys, Art and Dorothy, Express Their Appreciation!!

  1. garypipher says:

    Great article and a great couple.Keep your cue down and your spirits high.
    Have a good winter in WBE

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    • Dorothy and Art Healy says:

      Thanks Barb and Gary. We are planning to have a great winter playing shuffleboard.
      It will be a new and learning experience for me playing with the pros.
      I’m looking forward to it.

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  2. Lovely thoughts as usual, Art. We are so proud to have reps from our own city going to Brazil and you both did an amazing job!

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  3. Virginia Chandler says:

    What a nice thank you , Art ! It is so much fun, win or lose, to meet all the ISA players, sponsers, and workers from so many countries. Loved reading your updates.

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  4. Dorothy & Art Healy says:

    Thanks Ginny.


  5. Beth Allen says:

    It was such a pleasure getting to know you both in beautiful Brazil! I look forward to our next meeting!

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  6. Sebastian & Kerstin Runge says:

    Nice to met you in Brazil… and please say hello to Arnold (and Mary)


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