Earl Ball and Bill Hoyer Team Up For the Eastern US Nationals in Hendersonville NC

Bill and Barbara Hoyer

It’s time to make your way to Hendersonville for the Eastern Nationals!

Earl Ball Speaks:  It’s an exciting time of year as we head to the start of the winter season and Hendersonville is a great place to get things started. If you haven’t experienced Shuffleboard in the mountains now’s the time.

I’ll be headed out early next week with the National Doubles beginning next Thursday but I want to be early so I can get a little practice in and reacquaint myself with the curves; yes I said curves, not drifts. The courts are lots of fun and they will leave you with your mouth hanging open on occasion.
Bill Hoyer of the Lakeside Club will be coming to Hendersonville for the 1st time to be my partner. Many of you may not know Bill and his lovely wife Barbra but once you meet them you’ll realize they are great people. Bill and I agreed sometime back that if he was ever able to get away to play at Hendersonville, sometime, we would be partners. Bill’s a fine player and I expect we’ll be in the thick of things.
See you there!
Earl Ball, 2017 08 31.  Posted by Stan McCormack.

Bill Hoyer of Lakeside may be playing in Hendersonville for the 1st time, but it is not the 1st time he has played shuffleboard: REFLECTIONS FROM BILL HOYER

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