Michigan Shuffleboard Assn. Post Qualifications for their HOF.

           Qualifications necessary to be considered for the MSA HOF

1. Purpose of the nominating committee is to receive and screen
potential candidates for the MSA HOF and present the candidates
to the MSA board for final vote.

2. Players .. candidates must have devoted at least five(5) years to
shuffleboard as a MSA player earning no less than 75 points
starting with the year 2000. A player earning the necessary
points by end of the calender year will be inducted the following
June. Only the 10-12  MI ST. tournaments will be eligible for
points. Points are awarded as follows.

Main :           1st thru 4th   5,4,3,2
Consolation:       ”      ”       2,1,1,1

3. Special Awards candidates for the MSA HOF special award must
have devoted a minumum of five (5) years to the MSA as an
administrator and/or as a concerned party. A proactive member
is defined as one who shows interest and contributes to the
business activities of the MSA board or as a member of a MI
shuffleboard club, one who regularly volunteers his/her services
to the MSA or MI shuffleboard club, and one   whose sportsman-
ship & general presence reflect favorably upon the MSA and
the game of shuffleboard.

4. Each club president and HOF committee member has the option
of nominating 1 (one) candidate for the special award in writing
with a list of their achievements no later than May 1st. The
president of the MSA HOF will then present nominees  to the
HOF  board at the May meeting.

5. Only two (2) special award candidates will be considered per

6. President…. Each president of the MSA after serving three years
is eligible to receive this high honor, providing he/she has also met
all the basic criteria as described in rule # 3. The president will
receive this honor the last year in office at the May meeting.

7. Discussion of any candidates and voting shall be in closed
session with only the HOF board members present. If any
member of the board is a candidate, that person shall be
excluded from the session during the discussion and balloting.

8. Results of the secret ballot shall not be numerically announced.
The committee president shall announce the names of those
candidates who have been elected for induction into the MSA HOF.

9. Those candidates not receiving the necessary votes to be elected
shall remain on the eligible list for a maximum of three(3) years.
If not elected in that 3 year period, said player’s name shall be
withdrawn and maybe reinstated only upon request of a club president.

10. Each person elected to the MSA HOF will receive a certificate & a pin.



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