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MI Shuffleboard State Schedule for 2018. Save it and/or Print it!!!

MI STATE SCHEDULE FOR 2018.   For those interested in what is happening, when it is happening, and where it is happening, click on the file!! Sent along by none other than Jerry  Deren!! 2017 08 29.  

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Courtsey Personified!!! Eric and Kerry are “On Their Way Up The Ladder”!!

Eric Hahmann Speaking to Earl Ball: I wanted to echo Kerry’s feelings.(below) Thank you for taking the time to host us and share your shuffle wisdom. And, Earl, thank you for the kind words on Stan’s blog. Unexpected and appreciated.  … Continue reading

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Mingles/Singles in the CD At Betmar; John Houghtailing and Lorraine Merrifield Win Again!!

HOUGHTALING/MERRIFIELD WIN AGAIN! John Houghtailing outclassed the field at Betmar on Monday the 28th of August to win a Mingles/Singles Shuffleboard Championship and Lorraine Merrifield used the advantage of “home court” to claim her 3rd straight. Earl Ball. Reporter for … Continue reading

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The Healys, Art and Dorothy, Express Their Appreciation!!

Art and Dorothy Healy Speak:  Now that we are back home from our first International Shuffleboard  Association World Tournament (ISA) in Brazil,  we would like to show our appreciation to the folks who followed us  during our shuffleboard adventure. The … Continue reading

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People play shuffleboard in Ocean Park at dusk. Shuffeboard is one of the central activities for families while they vacation in Ocean Park.

To walk through the streets of Ocean Park is to step back in time. Just down the road from the bustle of Old Orchard Beach, it is a place where people look each other in the eye when they pass … Continue reading

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Change of Location for State Tournament PO1A

SHUFFLERS ALL THAT IS ALL, WHO PARTICIPATE IN STATE TOURNAMENTS!! There has been a change for PO1A:  GO HERE:  Sent along by Dave Kudro. Stan McCormack 2017 08 28.  

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David Earle Gives Us His Interesting and Informative Opinion of Earl Ball.

David Earle Speaks:  “If you ask me what I came into this life to do, I will tell you: I came to live out loud.” EMILE ZOLA. Kind of describes Earl don’t you think?? The man is definitely goal oriented … Continue reading

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Will Earl Ball EVER Catch Glen Peltier???? Glen has 1356; Earl ALMOST a 1,000.

CATCHING GLEN & STAYING IN SHAPE I’ve explained this before but I continue to get the question “can I catch Glen?” He’s got about 1350 points or so and is 81 years old. He will probably finish with about 1500 … Continue reading

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Hurricane Harvey, the most powerful hurricane since Katrina, hits on TX

Texas is experiencing the most devastating hurricane since Katrina!!  AS of early on Friday night (2017 08 25) the water seems to be the greatest threat!!  Forecast is 36″, like 3 feet of water about to fall!!!  We know that … Continue reading

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Does Anyone Do More to Promote Shuffleboard??? Could Eric Be Next??

FUTURE SUPER STAR Today I had the opportunity to practise with and play against one of the games future superstars. Erik Hahmann of the St Pete Club came to Betmar with his girlfriend Kerry Bailey, where my mixed doubles partner, … Continue reading

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