Another successful season of shuffling has come to a conclusion for the Saltwater Shuffleboard Club

Saltwater Club AGM; David Earle Explains.

Glenna Earle Speaks: Another successful season of shuffling has come to a conclusion for the Saltwater Shuffleboard Club. 

Di Am Glenna; Luv the CAP

52 members were recorded for the 2017 season. We have a wonderful group of very loyal players who come weekly and set us up….and roll out the courts, set up score boards, retrieve disks from storage in one place, cues from another, chairs must be brought in and games organized. Then all that in reverse at the end of the day.
Everyone goes to work from the time we enter the arena, which is dictated by the time the summer school class takes their leave!  Within 15 minutes we are ready to “hit the courts”. We feel very lucky to have attracted a very congenial group of people who get along so well together. Most cannot wait for Tuesdays to roll around again.

We wish to thank our Board members and all the players for their hard work and kindness to one another. It is like a big family where everyone watches out for one another.

The Pot Luck luncheon was held at the Earle residence once again and although the weather was not perfect it did not rain for which we were grateful.
We always start off with a huge feast of freshly caught mussels and then the parade of food continues to be placed on long tables for about 2 hours. By the time everyone leaves we are sufficiently sufficed and no more meals will be required for the day, in most cases!

We held our Annual General Meeting where David recapped the events of the season and the Treasurer gave us a summary of our funds. An update was shared about coming National and International events which members may wish to pursue. One upcoming event which will involve a number of our members is the NS 55+ Games to be held in Sep.

David and Glenna Earle are going to marshal the Games in Mahone Bay, to which we have agreed to rent our courts. This adds a little extra to our coffers so we can purchase annual needs.
Below are a few pictures during the annual general meeting. Aren’t they an attentive crowd!!

Thanks to all our faithful members for another great season of shuffling in NS.
Submitted by Glenna Earle. 2017 09 01

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1 Response to Another successful season of shuffling has come to a conclusion for the Saltwater Shuffleboard Club

  1. Virginia Chandler says:

    Glenna ,of course they are all attentive ! With you and David for leaders, they have learned very well ! Congratulations to all !


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