Has Earl Ball Ever Done Anything to Promote Shuffleboard?????

From L to R: Bill McMillan; Kelly; Mayor Cliff Duffie and Earl Ball.

Stan Speaks: Just in case my readers believe I am consumed by Earl Ball, I want to once again remind readers that Earl has contributed more articles to THE SHUFFLER than any single person.  Yes; many are about Earl, but that is because HE IS OFTEN THE STORY!!  I am now going to insert an article taken from the Tampa Tribune!! (That’s correct, he had it published there for promotional purposes >> no doubt, the Zephyrhills Mayor was impressed.) Here is the article:


It will if an effort led by Earl Ball is successful!! The article below is from the Tampa Tribune and is self-explanatory!! The FSA has yet to decide where the Masters Event will be held. Earl made this pitch to Zephyrhills City Council on November 08th, 2004.
ZEPHYRHILLS – A local shuffleboard player wants to help the city land a statewide tournament to be played in April. Earl Ball, who lives in Betmar Acres, told the Zephyrhills City Council on Monday evening that he wants to work with Mayor Cliff McDuffie to help the city attract the Florida Shuffleboard Association’s Pro Masters Tournament. The host city can be any place with eight courts, Ball said, to accommodate men’s and women’s competitions. In the past, Clearwater, Bradenton and Lakeland have hosted various levels of the association’s tournaments. Ball says the Zephyrhills Tourist Club downtown could serve as the host facility. McDuffie agreed he would like to see Zephyrhills get the recognition that would come with hosting the tournament. According to the association’s Web site, the tournament is scheduled for April 4 through 7. “I’m not sure who else is trying to get this,” Ball said after Monday’s council meeting. “I just know we are.” Ball said because the state association has more than 25,000 members, he figures each day of play could draw “a couple of hundred spectators.” In shuffleboard, players use a cue to move large disks onto a scoring diagram drawn on the floor of a court. (Courtesy of the Tampa Tribune) 
Stan: Just in case anyone wondered, the FSA Masters was held in Zephyrhills the following  year > Here is an article I did on the “Run-up” to the event: 05 03 22 wells stansburge vs mike and grant    AND NOW, an article by Earl on the Run-up” Masters Time by Earl 2005 03 24.   EVEN BETTER, go here for the Women’s Results: https://theshuffler.net/2015/04/03/2005-womens-masters-event-equals-the-mens-in-intensity-roberta-and-diana-battle-it-out/    FINALLY, click here for Men’s Results:  https://theshuffler.net/2015/04/03/we-give-you-the-co-winners-of-the-fsa-masters-mens-event-in-2005-they-were-mel-erb-and-stan-williamson/ 

Put together and posted by Stan McCormack.  2017 09 01



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