THE 27th ISA Was Terrific; The 37th ISA in HIGH RIVER ALBERTA is going to TOP EVEN THIS!!  BEGIN TO PLAN NOW!! 

Ken Wardley, the Event Organizer, Speaks: The planning is well underway for our hosting the 2018 ISA Team Tournament in July.  As they say the stars are aligning for us. 

Verena Wardley

Ken Wardley

Our executive is working very hard to make this event the Best there has ever been.    We have our Hotel and Convention centre booked, our people are putting the final touches on the Catering, and we are working on Transportation.
As a reminder to all if you are coming for the 2 International events [Calgary Stampede and our ISA you should think about ordering your tickets now for the Stampede.  It is a 10 day extravaganza prior to our tournament in HIGH RIVER
Our event starts July 15th and runs to the 20th. (2018 07 20) 

20th  Calgary Stampede Holidays
6TH TO 15TH JULY  2018

Calgary Stampede Dates:
The 2018 will be from the 6th of July to 15th July.  
For the 10 days of the Calgary Stampede, Alberta puts on its hats and welcomes the world. The entire city is swept up in the Stampede holiday celebration as they take western hospitality to a new level by offering free pancake breakfasts throughout the city. And because it’s located only one hour from Canada’s majestic Rocky Mountains, the Calgary Stampede is the perfect place to kick off a true western vacation.  Go here to read more: and purchase your tickets IN THE EARLY SPRING OF 2018. (Seniors are half price!!) http://www.calgarystampede.com/stampede/admission-and-tickets  Stan speaking: Folks: This is truly a WORLD CLASS EVENT!!!  If it is not on your Bucket List, it should be!! It is less than a one hour drive from High River to Calgary, home of the Stampede!! 

Ken Wardley Speaks: As we get closer to the event I will keep you and your fans  updated.  Do have a great Labor day week-end, and drive safely.

Host Ken Wardley also said this with regard to his home club:  Just a note to advise that our club has now shut down for the winter.   We have had a great summer season and it is tough to see it go.  However; with that being said we have had two wonderful tournaments this year our Singles in June and the August mixed Doubles.  We were most pleased with the turnout this year and are looking for more bigger and better things for 2018.

Ken Wardley
Event coordinator for ISA

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  1. Would love to participate in the shuffleboard, but am not interested in the Stampede.
    Mary Mueller


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