ARE YA READY? THEIR COMMIN! The Millennials are Commin!!!

Mary Eldridge, Josh, Tim, Marty, Tara, Kerry Bailey, Erik Hahmann.


Earl Ball Speaks: Today is a holiday and therefore, St Pete players who are much younger than most of us who play Shuffleboard in Florida had the day off work and that allowed them to show up at Lakeland today. They look like they have a good grasp of the game already and as we all know “youth will be served”; won’t be long and they will start winning Championships. St Pete now has 1000 members and as you would expect once they get past the stage of just having fun they become competitive. They have two leagues now. Beginners play on Monday evening and experienced players on Wednesday evening with 350 players in each league.
Get ready their commin! Article sent along by Earl Ball

Earl SpeaksAs a post script, I was asked today, by a five year player, if Mary Eldridge was a new Pro because he had never seen her??  (Never seen her is one thing; never heard of her is quite another???) I told him Mary was one of the all-time great players and had about 650 points when I started playing.  Mary had retired by then from shuffleboard and gone to work for a living, and in recent years, has played a few tournaments here and there.  Mary was Mae Halls Partner; that’s how far back she goes.  She started playing at a very young age.  Mary used to play only the Singles in some years to qualify for the “Masters”.  Singles Championships were worth 10 points each in those days.  How soon we all forget the great ones, if we ever knew???
Earl Ball Sharing Interesting Stories of Interest. With Thanks!  2017 09 05.   Stan speaks: I now give you remarks a bout Mary on the occasion of her MVP Presentation by Ken Offenther. 34 MARY ELDRIDGE  AND NOW, I give you something about Mae Hall: Mae Hall finished with 2224 points  2017 09 04

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