Recording History of the CNSA: Two Major Contributors!!

Article from April of 1981. The Houses, Jack and Peggy were deeply involved in Shuffleboard

Remember; to read the top article, Click once; pause, and click again. Another “Look Back” item; this time back to 1981.  A “read” of the article helps one understand the thinking of Peggy and Jack House. For those who may not know, Jack House was the very first CNSA President. Peggy was the very first CNSA Secretary. Jack has left us; Peggy is living in a retirement residence in Orillia, ON.  Peggy is in great health, attending  a CNSA Banquet, 2009, where she was introduced to the audience. Pic is of Myrna Bilton, CNSA President at that time, presenting Peggy a bouquet of flowers.  The second pic is of Peggy and Glen Peltier, taken on the occasion of the celebration of Alfonse and Phoebe Marchand who were the first to host organized shuffleboard in Canada. The very first Canadian Open was held in Tilbury, at the Marchand Courts in 1981.  Click if you would like to read more about the Marchands.  Jack House is in the CNSA Hall of Fame: To see pic and comments, go here:  Peggy is in the ISA Hall of Fame.   See this article by Stan: POST SCRIPT TO PERFECT RECORD PEGGY HOUSE 2 prS   I cannot resist sharing this article with you!! Peggy House is the only shuffleboard player in the history of International Competition  In closing, a pic of Jack and Peggy:

Where would Canadian Shuffleboard be without these two????


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