Coldwater ON Ends Their Season With Enthusiasm!! Check It Out! 2017 09 04

Coldwater Shuffleboard Club

Barb and Gary Pipher

Gary Pipher Speaks: Coldwater Shuffleboard is like so many other Shuffleboard Clubs across Ontario at this time of year who find the summer season of shuffleboard has drawn to a close. Arenas for both Curling and Hockey must now be made ready for ice, and the shuffleboard equipment must be stored away for another year.  The Coldwater Club was so fortunate to have purchased a large Ocean Shipping Container from Carl Rogerson a few years ago, and it makes an ideal safe storage facility for all their equipment.

The Coldwater Club had a wrap-up banquet for the Special Needs league of players on Tue and celebrated their end of season with pizzas, soft drinks and cake.
The special needs league players made a presentation to the Club President and organizers , and thanked them for another great year of Shuffleboard . They promised to be back again next year and look forward to playing shuffleboard in Coldwater.

The next wrap-up banquet came two days later on Thur. Aug 31 along with the AGM and clean up of the Arena. The hot and cold full course dinner was once again catered by Larry Lalonde and his wife Lorraine who are the long time owners of ELM Catering of Lafontaine and well known to all shufflers who have ever been to one of the Coldwater Tournament Banquets or the ISA Tournaments hosted in Midland.
The final day began with the AGM and election of officers followed by three games of scrambles play then the cleanup of the arena and storage of equipment.

Club President George O’Reilly has stepped down after 6 years at the helm and the role of President will now be filled by Carol Archer.  Carol brings with her a life time of service in the legal field and will be a great asset to the Coldwater Shuffleboard Club.
The role of treasurer has been filled by her sister-in-law Janice Archer who retired from a long career with the Banking Industry in Western Canada and has since returned to Coldwater to enjoy her retirement years.
1st VP Ella Smith has so graciously agreed to continue on in that role for another year. Ella brings to the Club a wealth of knowledge in the daily and efficient operation of the Club as well as her liaison with the newspapers and TV Stations and of course she is a contributor to Stan McCormack’s shuffleboard blog.
The Coldwater Club is so fortunate to have these highly qualified ladies heading up the organization and we as club members look forward to new and challenging programs for next year.
The new executive has already began making plans for the 2018 summer season which includes the ever popular CNSA Doubles Tournament that will be hosted by the Coldwater club on July 24/25/26, 2018.
Each year a member is recognized for their contribution to the wellbeing and success of the Shuffleboard Club and have their names engraved and their photo displayed on the Polkinghorne Memorial award. 

Marilyn and John Brown.

This year the award (above) was presented by the outgoing President George O’Reilly to Marilyn and John Brown.  Marilyn has retired as the club treasurer due to health reasons and John has played a very important supporting role.

Club members can be seen rolling up the court dividers / taking down score boards moving chairs and a host of other things that signify the end of season.
The Coldwater Curling Club began the following day to make ice for their winter season and the early start-up of their Youth Curling Program.
Winter shuffleboard season begins in mid October and will be once again held in the Auditorium of the Coldwater Municipal Arena.

Excellent Article Submitted by Gary Pipher, Past President and strong supporter of the Coldwater Shuffleboard Club.  Stan McCormack. 2017 09 05.


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5 Responses to Coldwater ON Ends Their Season With Enthusiasm!! Check It Out! 2017 09 04

  1. Glenna & David Earle says:

    Great synopsis of the season at Coldwater, Gary. Thanks for keeping us all informed about one of the most looked-up-to clubs in Canada.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. gary pipher says:

    Thanks Glenna and David. It is so gratifying see the Club which we helped to organize 12 years ago is flourishing and in very capable hands. Maybe we will see you in Coldwater once again with your Ukulele and Guitars. Another cruise can be arranged and yes I still have the Provincial flag David left with me for when he next returns.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. stanistheman says:

    What a Great, Great Evening That Was!! Glenna, David, Your Son, Bob Reed, Merve, all performing with distinction for the Shufflers!!! It could not have been any better!!! Gary; go for it, give David a chance to pick up his flag!! I’ll be there!! Stan


  4. shirley.monger says:

    Hey I look forward to help & have another event.


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