We Give You The Tates, Max and Ruth!!

The Tates, Max and Ruth, at the 24th ISA in Brazil.

Go here to read what I said about Max and Ruth on the occasion of Max’s induction into the CNSA Hall of Fame.  https://theshufflersnews.files.wordpress.com/2015/03/max_tate_pres.pdf 

Please remember: to view the top more easily, click on it once, and then again.  The Tates also did a great deal in the USA in support of Shuffleboard. Go here to see but one example:   https://theshuffler.net/2017/03/09/we-report-on-the-15th-max-and-ruth-tate-invitational-tournament-event-hosted-by-the-sebring-recreation-club-2017-03-09/  Max served as President of the Sebring Club for some time, and on the FSA Board.  As indicated in the link above the Tates have made tentative plans to spend part of this winter, 2017-2018, in Spain.  We wish them well; The Shuffler is hoping to have many reports from them during this Spanish Adventure.

Stan of The Shuffler.  2017 09 06

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