We Tell You What is Happening in Hendersonville NC “At this very moment”

The US Nationals in North Carolina is an event that attracts the BEST from across the USA!

Before we tell who just arrived for the 2017 National Doubles, we thought we would share with you an article by Earl Ball, an article submitted by EARL BALL in 2003!! That is correct Shufflers, Earl has been submitting great articles since “The Shuffler” began. Alf Primeau and I started TheShuffler.org in 2002.  The pictures in this article have been added by me in 2017.  (Original doc. had no pictures)    Earls Lakeside Nationals of 2003  AND NOW we share with you, hot off the press from on site reporter, this time Harold Thorne, the new arrivals at Hendersonville: Bob & Joyce Smith, Kathy Brennan & Yvon Lauzier, Richie & Carolyn Burrell and another couple who came with them!!  They will of course compete against the many top shufflers, the membership of Hendersonville!!!

Did you ever hear of Jay Fitzpatrick and Dave Wenger??? Well, they have partnered for this event!!  Did you ever her of Earl Ball and Bill Hoyer?? They too have partnered for this event!!  And, arriving early in the week, we expect Chris Cermak, Rich & Bob Phifer and their wives !!! 

NO one has this event “in the bag”!!!!  WE will anxiously watch for Harold’s reports >> or who know, just possibly Earl will give us an article to celebrate the 14th anniversary of his 2003  WIN??? Who said Shuffleboard is not exciting????

Stan McCormack. 2017 09 06

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2 Responses to We Tell You What is Happening in Hendersonville NC “At this very moment”

  1. Sandra Quinn says:

    We are praying ‘Irma’ won’t hit FL the way they are predicting and are so concerned for our FL friends. If you have to evacuate, come to Hendersonville and make the National tournaments the largest and best in years!! Stay Safe All!!!

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  2. stanistheman says:

    Sandi is 100% correct! IRMA IS NOT GOING TO HIT NC. Having said that, I can’t help thinking of the Hurricane that did hit NC in 2004, Hurricane Frances. Lois and I were in the heart of it. Go here: https://theshuffler.net/2014/09/04/stan-quinn-is-celebrating-another-anniversary-of-his-birth/
    l(copy and paste that link into your browser) Stan


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