The Quinns Move Permamently to Hendersonville. Sandi Reflects;

McCormacks and Quinns Celebrate Stan (Quin’s) Birthday!!  (Leave Your Guess As To Stan’s Age in this Pic!! Leave the response in the Comment Section below!!)

This From Sandi Quinn: Hi Stan!   Thanks for remembering Stan’s birthday.

Sandi speaks: It seems like a really long time ago when we had that first celebration at Fatz!  Stan McC. speaks: This is a “must read about that celebration at Fatz!!       WE had a great evening!!! Be sure and go to the end of the article, and click on the link, and the slide show. 

Sandi Speaks:  It’s a rainy, chilly day here in Hendersonville with a one-day break between the NC State M/D and the National Dbls. (Wednesday, 2017 09 06)  So, the celebration today is a quiet, relaxing day at our new (old) home. We have been working so hard since Feb. packing up in TX, moving permanently to NC, unloading a truck to a storage unit, looking at houses nearly every day from late April to early July, finding the perfect one that we both love, going thru the buying and closing regimen (which now days is a major and long process!), selling our mobile here, unloading & loading the storage unit to a truck, unloading the truck at the house, shopping for furniture (as we left the mobile furnished in TX), unpacking box after box (and still many boxes from TX in the garage!), and keeping up with the shuffle schedule. Needless to say, we are nearly worn out physically and mentally. We are so much looking forward to not having to trek back and forth to TX and spending relaxing winters here with our kitty we adopted, lots of birds and bird feeders, a cozy family room with a fireplace and a 52″ flat screen to watch all the football we want.

We certainly will miss our TX friends but will keep up with them and keep in touch. We have been so blessed in our 21 yrs. of retirement with travel, shuffleboard success and more friends than we could have ever possibly imagined. We have experienced many moves and changes in our 42 years together, all exciting and filled with different projects and adventures. This will probably be our last move and new experience together and we plan to enjoy and make the most of every day here in the beautiful mountains of NC.
Much Love to You & Lois, Sandi. Posted with the permission of Sandi.

Posted by Stan McCormack.  2017 09 07.

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