Jim Allen Shares With Us His Preparations; His “Stay Safe” in Defence of Hurricane Irma!!

We Hear from the Allens as Hurricane Irma Approaches.

Jim Allen Speaks from the West Coast of Florida:  Hello Stan, Thank you for the well wishes!  We have decided to stay in Pinellas County, as of course we have family, friends and a business to look after.   Sam and Marcia have made the same decision and they are within 2 miles of us so we can all look after each other.

Preparation is the key, and we had the advantage of many days notice to prepare.  Our roof is 1 year old and was designed to be strong during these storms.  Our home is at one of the highest points of the county, so we are not concerned with flooding. 2 months ago we had our trees trimmed in advance of the hurricane season, which now is looking like a wise decision.

Beth’s sister is staying with us also as she is in an evacuation zone in Clearwater.  My son Stephen and his wife came stay to with us from Hollywood Florida, which initially looked like it would take the brunt of the storm – and in fact it now looks like they have driven right into harm’s way.  However, his assistance with the preparation was invaluable.  Hurricane shutters are on the house, and together we have boarded the main windows at the shop.

We have one power generator at the shop so if we lose power we can bring it home.  Backups of computers are on thumb drives and kept secure at the house.  We have plenty of water, and the beer is chilled. As I type this Beth is making a huge pot of chili and it can be frozen and heated on the gas grill if/when we lose power.

Patio furniture is secure at the bottom of the pool, but the iphone that was in my pocket at the time of entry is fried.  If this is the only casualty of the event we will be fine!

We wish all of our friends in Florida, and actually the entire Southeast USA, a safe weekend and we shall report back to you – using Beth’s phone 🙂   –  once this storm has passed and we can assess the damage.

Stay Safe Everyone, Jim and Beth Allen.     2017 09 09 12:54

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3 Responses to Jim Allen Shares With Us His Preparations; His “Stay Safe” in Defence of Hurricane Irma!!

  1. Stay safe friends. You are in our prayers.


  2. Myrna Bilton says:

    Love and prayers. 🙏
    Myrna & Rendall


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