Earl thinks of Longevity and Catching Glen!!!

90 Year Old Al Buffum and wife Marilyn

Marriage of Al & Marilyn by Earl Ball

Earl Speaks:  I’m sitting here waiting for Hurricane Irma so I thought I would try to write a couple of stories.

While I was in Hendersonville I got to talking to a good friend, Al Buffum.  Seems he’s 90 years old now and as we talked a bubbly, beautiful lady walked up to us and to my surprise he introduced her as his wife, Marilyn.

He told me the story of how they came together but what I remember is that he proposed and suggested June for a wedding date; she refused but said she would marry him in April. Why! Well as the story goes she didn’t want to marry a 90 year old man, seems Al’s birthday is in May.

By the way if I can live to be 90 and play like Al does I’ll catch Glen.

Stan: Now who would of thought that Earl, while waiting for a HURRICANE, would think of “Catching Glen”???????  Posted by Stan McCormack 2017 09 10.

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One Response to Earl thinks of Longevity and Catching Glen!!!

  1. Michael Zellner says:

    Earl, I finally got my green jacket.
    Walmart had a sale on them $14.95


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