1st Place; US NSA Men’s Doubles; Bill Hoyer and Earl Ball.


Hendersonville is a wonderful community that has people that support each other and a shuffleboard club with wonderful members that go out of their way to make you feel welcome and the reason that is worth mentioning is because it wasn’t always like that. They are very proud of their facility and they work hard to make the facility 1st class; maybe you should consider visiting next season.

The tournament was made up of a very strong, albeit a small field. I played with Bill Hoyer who is a “Pros Pro” which surprises none of you who know Bill and you know his wife, Barbra is a class act. A beautiful lady who impresses everyone she comes in contact with. Bill played great and smart. We had a chance to play court two in the 2nd match and the blocks drift more than ½ a court on each shot and we had a great time laughing at how badly we missed some shots; fortunately the other team missed more shots and we won. We appeared to meet our match in the semi-finals. We won the 1st game but it was close up to the end. The 2nd game was a different story as they cleaned up on us in short order 75-0 and we lost the lag. We were playing Jay Fitzpatrick and Dave Wenger, a fine team. And Jay told Bill no one ever wins on yellow. It was too late to start the 3rd game so it would be played the next morning.

Barbra reminded Bill, firmly as I understand it, that he had gone away from his clearing game. On the way to the courts the next morning we decided to clear and score to keep the game close and try to win at the end. Well we got lucky and jumped them right off the bat and won the match. We followed that with a win in the finals against Warren King and Stan Quinn using the same strategy. We jumped them in both games and won the Championship; my 22nd and Bill’s 4th. I left at 1:00 to go home to Florida and many told me that didn’t seem to be a good idea, some in pretty strong language trying to get me to listen. Needless to say the traffic was heavy leaving Florida so I had easy driving but trouble getting gas. I got home at 11:00 last night and have everything battened down now. Now we’ll see if we can ride the storm out, that’s me and two cats. Vivian is out of the country, throwing rocks and filling up the Worlds waterways.

Earl Ball: 2017 09 10 00:57

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