While Waiting for Hurricane Irma, Earl Writes About the Hendersonville Courts!!

14 Courts in Use; Rarely Use 3 or 4 (drift)

As I sit here waiting for the Hurricane I’m reminded of the flood in Hendersonville earlier this year as relayed to me by President Jay Fitzpatrick.
Picture 1 ABOVE, is of the courts that are in use.  They use 14 courts but rarely use 3 or 4 because they have such a big drift; 1 & 2 also have a big drift but less than 3 or 4.  The 1st 4 courts have end covers only, but 5 through 14 are covered with a roof.  They were covered with mud to begin the season and it took 18 people 1 1/2 days to clean them up.  The water was so high that it went into the clubhouse which is higher than the courts and destroyed 2 couches.

Pic 2

Pic 3

Picture 2 shows courts that are no longer used and therefore are not cleaned up and you can see the problem they faced and had to cleanup on the courts they do use.  I believe they have 28 courts and when I started playing they used them all and I think I have played all of them.  The old stories are similar to the ones you hear about St Pete in that they had so many members that you were required to give up the court after 3 games.  I want to say they had 500 members but I’m not sure and as they do today, many of the members play cards or do other things besides shuffleboard similar to St Cloud and Sebring.

In picture 3, above, you can see the courts in the back ground and the picture is of the bridge over the creek.  The water was as high as the top rail.

The 4th picture (left; click to expand) shows the courts in the back ground and the water was over the sidewalk and road.  I don’t know what we will have but it seems mother nature is reclaiming her domain!  Earl Ball reflecting on the past; thinking about the future; specifically, just how much will Hurricane Irma do????

Posted by Stan McCormack.  2017 09 10.

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