Remember 911?? This Year, 2017, is the 16th Anniversary!!

2001 09 11 BECAME “911”
The Day of Destruction!  This is the 16th Anniversary!!

Many Canadian Shufflers were taking part in a tournament in Renfrew, ON on September 10th and 11th of 2001.  To my knowledge it was the first such event held in Renfrew.  It was an Any Doubles with both an Amateur and Expert Division.

Lois and I had taken our 5th Wheel and parked it east of Renfrew, driving into the Air Force Association Building at 164 Argyle St. where the event was held.  Roll Out Courts were utilized and John Weston of Ottawa was the Tournament Director. JOHN WESTON WILL BE MISSED, as posted 2006 12 12.
As I Remember: On the morning of the 2nd day, the 11th day of September, soon to be immortalized as “911”, I was shuffling at the foot and Lois was at the head.  We were only nicely into the match when someone next to me stated unequivocally that the United States had been attacked, I think he used the word bombed!  Dismissively, I responded that some prankster has undoubtedly started a story.  No nation would be so reckless!!  However; the story seemed to travel quickly around the large auditorium and within minutes most were talking and not shuffling!!  Remember, 16 years ago Twitter had not been thought of; if you mentioned Facebook, people thought of seeing a face when you opened a book; and the shuffler who carried a cell phone was some sort of high tech genius with a flair for flamboyancy!!!
And it was only minutes later that the entire shuffling contingent was in a lounge with a TV, our attention fixed on the screen as we watched live as the unbelievable and horrific events unfolded!
Each of us will no doubt re-live “911” many times as Sep 11th approaches.
Stan McCormack. 2017 09 11

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