Reports from Shufflers Who Experienced Hurricane IRMA!! 2017

Hello Stan: It was an intense night, but we are fine and no real damages to report.  The house has lots of debris to clean up but we are tackling that as we can.  We lost power around midnight and expect to be without power a few days. 

The shop survived fairly well, although I see many roof shingles laying around so that is probably our first project to attack.  We will be closed at least one more day.

Sam and Marcia are fine, but missing their power as well.

We dodged a bullet for sure and our heart bleeds for those that did not fare as well as we did.  Regards,  Jim and Beth Allen.


Gus Bondi Said this: Irma………we got pounded by heavy rain last night and have debris  all over the place.
We can put a boat in our back gulley
I am using our son’s Internet…we have no internet, phone or TV at the moment but we have power……one of the lucky ones. 

Pauline Murphy said this: Made it through the night. Winds were howling and rain was horizontal. Winds are much calmer this am but still blowing at a good clip and it is now raining again. Took a walk around the block and found lots of branches down and a small tree uprooted. Found shingles from a few homes but in general we were very lucky and never lost power. Storm should have passed in another day.

Christine Page (on the left) said this: My house is fine. Even the parts I was sure would not be fine are fine. The power is out but that’s to be expected. My dogs are fine but wish I would get the porch furniture out of the living room. I have seen Hillary and Huma. I just need to find Huma’s brother. (did I ever mention Huma has a brother?) He ran under a house way before Irma, scared by all the commotion of us getting ready for the storm. I am hopeful he is still under there, waiting for us all to stop our clean up so he can come back out.

Glenn Monroe said this: Donna and I are well. Still. No power but the weather has improved enough start the generator. We have no known damage to the house but I will have to do a walk around after daybreak. 

Stan Speaks: We are OH SO HAPPY that damage appears to be minimal, that no one was hurt!!   Stan McCormack. 2017 09 11.

Al Dronsfield said this: Jan and I are okay up here. Never lost power here in the Villages, lots of rain and heavy gusts and sustained winds. Our 6 Italian Cypress trees were leaning at about 75 degrees but the root mass held together and I roped and staked them back up. The lawn guy will be here this week to do a better job.
We had a house across the street lose many shingles and the golf courses took a beating. One green is under water, trees down on them. Golfing will be limited here for awhile.  All in all we’ll all move on.  Al & Jan Dronsfield.

Myrna Bilton says this:  We have got word that our home in North Fort Myers is OK. We are very thankful to get this good news. In our park….Lazy Days, we have neighbours that have lost roofs off carports. Our location is just a couple of blocks north of the Lee County Shuffleboard Club courts. There is no electric power and lots of debris around. The streets are blocked. 20 residents of our park took shelter in the hall. They had mattresses, food, drinks and card games. Our neighbour needs oxygen, so she needs to go somewhere today where there is electric available…..possibly the hospital.
Spirits are good and people are very thankful to be safe.
I continue to keep everyone in my thoughts and prayers as Hurricane Irma leaves extensive flooding in Florida

GLEN PELTIER SPEAKS:  My home in Clearwater is fine. Not much damage in the park.  I sure hope all is well for everyone. I am ready for Hawthorne.  Hoping to draw Earl and Henry in the first round. That way Earl might be able to pick up two points in consolation. Glen Peltier. 

Stan Speaks:  I wonder why Glen asked me to post the pic of HIM in the GREEN JACKET??  2017 09 12.

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2 Responses to Reports from Shufflers Who Experienced Hurricane IRMA!! 2017

  1. Thomas Gionet says:

    We have been Blessed did not lose power or the internet lot of trees down no real damage thank the Lord. A little bit of flooding but all in all very good

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  2. Michael Zellner says:


    Ivone, Isabella our Yorkies and I are fine. Survived a direct passover of Irma in Riverview at 2 am this morning. Power returned at 10 am this morning. The house fared quite well but the gardens were all pretty much destroyed. Plants were uprooted and scattered about. The twin 20 year cactus plants that were flowering and were each over 10 ft tall and pride of the neighborhood were snapped off by the wind gusts near 100 mph. Our lake rose 4 feet above and waves slapped over our back deck 6 ft above the water. Down on our dock the bass boat was completely filled and floating just below the waterline. Probably best because it didn’t go airborne. Our 4 person paddleboat was tossed from the dock up onto the back lawn of a neighbor. Apparently it snapped the mooring line and went airborne. No damage to either. We thank God for sparing our home and Thomas and his wife for sheltering us in their home.

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