We Tell You Something about Shuffling in Renfrew, ON

Shufflers Present on the 10th Anniversary of 911, in the same Facility in Renfrew, i.e. the same facility as on 2001 09 01.   Many were shuffling to-day!!

Each Tuesday in Renfrew, Shufflers gather at 13:00 hrs to commence just under 3 hours of what I would describe as Friendly Competitive Shuffling.  To-day, 2017 09 12 we had 16 Shufflers, 4 Courts; 4 Rollout Courts  which are in first class condition.

We pay $2.00 to shuffle and the high man and the high woman receive 2 Tunies; the low man and the low woman receive 1 Tunie!!!  For American Readers, we will now share with you that we call our $2.00 Coin a Tunie!!  We call our $1.00 Coin a “Lunie”.  To-day was a Special Day in many ways; I will explain as I go. First Special Item: We had two very enthusiastic Shufflers who won the CASH; can’t you tell by the look on their face??  For those who do not know, the woman on the left is “my first wife” Lois.  The man on the right is Jerry Cockwell of Woodall’s while wintering in Florida.  Jerry’s home is in Renfrew; Lois now resides in Calabogie, but is relocating to Bobcaygeon ON at the end of September.

ANOTHER SPECIAL ITEM:  Yours truly reminded the group that 16 years ago (plus a day) most of us were shuffling here in a when the infamous “911” occurred.  Go here to read the story: https://theshuffler.net/2017/09/11/remember-911-this-year-2017-is-the-16th-anniversary/  The pic I have placed at the top is a pic I took on the 10th Anniversary of 911. All Shufflers in the pic were shuffling in the same building on the day of the 911 attack.

Finally: We had special guests to-day from Brockville, ON. Dorothy and Art Healy who shuffle during the winter in Woodbrook Estates of the CD, AND who had just returned from Brazil, joined us for the afternoon.  Those of you who know Art and Dorothy will see them in the pic below, a pic of all Shufflers present to-day.  Stan McCormack. 2017 09 12

All Shufflers Present on 2017 09 12 in Renfrew.


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