Glenn and Donna Monroe Celebrate 49 Years Together!!

Glenn Monroe was married to Donna McCormick on 1968 09 14.  Ladies and Gentlemen, that means that to-day, 2017 09 14 they will have been married 49 years!! 

Few shufflers get to see Donna; many shufflers get to see Glenn!!  Lois and I had the good fortune to have them dine with us for a St Patrick’s Day Dinner on March 6th, 2014. We had a Great Irish Dinner, and a Greater Visit with Glenn and his pleasant and attractive wife Donna.

I am not sure how they will celebrate their 49 Years, but I am sure that every FL Shuffler wishes Glenn and Donna the very, very best as they begin their 50th year together!!

Stan McCormack.  2017 09 14.


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7 Responses to Glenn and Donna Monroe Celebrate 49 Years Together!!

  1. Glenna & David Earle says:

    Have a wonderful HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, Glenn and Donna and many healthy happy returns.

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  2. Happy Anniversary Glenn and Donna.

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  3. Max & Ruth Tate says:

    Happy Anniversary.

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  4. Virginia Chandler says:

    Happy Anniversary and many more great years together !

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  5. Glenn Monroe says:

    Thanks, Stan.

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  6. Dorothy and Art Healy says:

    Congratulations Donna and Glenn.
    May you be blessed with many more.

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  7. Ken & Verena Wardley says:

    Congratulations and very best wishes for many many more years of Love and Happiness


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