We Express Our Appreciation of Hubert Van Eerd!!! 2017 09 15.

Hubert Van Eerd; We Salute You!!

Glen Peltier Speaks:  I have been associated with many people, who I believe have done so much for shuffleboard, and receive very little credit or recognition. 

One such person who I feel belongs on the top of the list is Hubert Van Eerd.  Hubert arranges the league at the Thames Horizon Club in Chatham.  He arranges all the teams evenly matched, to guarantee top quality play. He does the same in Florida at Sanlan RV Park.  All the members of Chatham and of Sanlan very much appreciate Hubert.  (Click on Glen to see a natural smile.) 

Hubert is still a very good player and could have been a top pro in Florida but instead, dedicated his time so many others can enjoy the great game of shuffleboard. No words that I can write, can express the amount of joy he brings to so many. We depend so much on Hubert. I hate to think of what we would do without him.

Glen Peltier.  2017 09 15.  

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3 Responses to We Express Our Appreciation of Hubert Van Eerd!!! 2017 09 15.

  1. Glenna & David Earle says:

    Absolutely correct Glenn. SO little recognition of a “great” man. Well done Hubert. Thanks for reminding all of us of his many contributions.


  2. Myrna Bilton says:

    “Excellent” writeup on Hubert…….thanks Glen.
    We have had the privilege of shuffling in Hubert’s home….with the warm hospitality that he and his wife gave us. Hubert has helped us with our Centre Wellington Shuffleboard Club.
    Hubert is a wonderful ambassador for shuffleboard.
    Rendall and Myrna


  3. Moe &a Teresa Vermeulen says:

    Thanks to Hubert for another great summer of competitive shuffle and great friends!


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