How Do Hurricanes Effect FL Shufflers? An Excellent Article by Chuck Moulton.

To read a first class article by Chuck Moulton about Hurricane Irma: Click:

Posted by Stan McCormack 2017 09 18.

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4 Responses to How Do Hurricanes Effect FL Shufflers? An Excellent Article by Chuck Moulton.

  1. hwshuffle says:
  2. Glenna & David Earle says:

    Thank you Chuck, for a wonderful report. Cannot even imagine how scary it must be to experience not only a hurricane but the possibility of a tornado to add to your already heightened worry. Thank goodness damage was minimal and amazing that the club was unscathed too. Again thanks for bringing us up to speed, and you are so correct about Zephyrhills being the best place in which to retire, for many reasons.


  3. Jerry Stannard says:

    Great job Chuck, glad to hear all is well in Z-Hills. Had many of the same experiences in Lake Region with Charlie and up here in Conn. through the years, are currently experiencing a touch of “Jose” but not much. Have to disagree with my friends the Earle’s, I prefer the warmth of Bradenton, the ability to use St. Petes and the reduced travel, (7 miles to furthest dist tourney). We also had very little damage compared to what was expected. See all the state players at Clearwater.


  4. Suzanne Shapiro says:

    Wow!! Just read your article on life during a hurricane Irma and hope you will not experience another close call like that one. I’m so glad to hear your community was spared the devastation that comes with such a fierce force of Mother Nature. It was so well written and really captured the essence of a community coming together to save their shuffleboard courts but even more importantly pitching in and helping their neighbors and friends. I could see our membership doing the same. Although we have relatively stable weather here in Hemet, CA, I have a feeling we would have a similar response from our shuffleboard membership. Thank you for writing such an informative and touching article. Maybe one of these days I’ll get to see what shuffleboard is like in Florida.


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