Stan and Lois Relocate!! May be off line temporarily.

Lois and I are moving from Calabogie, ON to Bobcaygeon, ON.  We will commence our move on 2017 09 26, like to-day, and hopefully we will have our furniture and effects into the new residence by Wednesday night.  Sorting and unpacking is “another thing”!!  Some of you may know that Lois was hospitalized for 8 days.  She was released on 2017 09 21, and is now in “recovery mode”.  Positive attitude going forward!!

I am selecting a new Internet Service Provider and accordingly I may be off line  until Thursday, or possibly Friday.  Just talked to them; no service in our residence until Monday????  Will have to go to my sons or the library.

Stan McCormack.  2017 09 26

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15 Responses to Stan and Lois Relocate!! May be off line temporarily.

  1. Michael Zellner says:

    Recover well Lois. Let Stan cook, clean house and do the laundry while you are on the mend. We military men know how to do these things but avoid them as much as possible. smile
    Stan you change houses as frequently as I change underwear, almost monthly hahaha.
    Good luck in the new home.


  2. Glen Peltier says:

    Good luck to the both of you. Sorry to hear Lois is having a hard time.Moving is no fun. Glen Peltier.


  3. Glenna & David Earle says:

    Sounds like you will be very busy for awhile. Good luck with the move and our very best wishes to Lois for successful recovery.


  4. Best wishes for a safe and happy move, Stan and Lois! Knowing you two, everything is labeled as to contents and destination! So now, sit back, relax and all will be well!

    Mary M

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    • stanistheman says:

      Very close to reality!!! Our daughter and 3 sons have organized and carried out our move. We are now in Bobcaygeon. Will begin unpacking tomorrow. Stan and Lois


  5. jim helms says:

    prayers for both of you.God will smile on you !!!! jim helms


  6. Pamela Hill says:

    Glad the move is in progress/over. All our best wishes for Lois’ speedy recovery. P & P.


  7. Barbara NORTON says:

    I know what you are going through, I moved on sept. 23 and am still falling over boxe I plan on going slow and should be finished by Christmas. My 3 adult children and my 4 grandsons handled the move and did a super job. Take it easy Lois,health is more important . I work hard one day and r
    relax the works. Best wishes and enjoy your new home. Barb


  8. David and Dini Rushton says:

    Hi Stan we were so sorry to hear about Lois being in the Hospital, hope she is recovering well. I am sure you won’t be offline for very long, you couldn’t survive. I think of you every 1st of May we have a great laugh. David and Dini


  9. stanistheman says:

    So glad we share that STORY!! And as you will remember, that woman worked for me!!!
    I will share the story with Lois. Good to hear from the both of you. Stan and Lois


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