Jan and Allen Dronsfield Share Their Experience!!

Jan and Allen Dronsfield Share Their Experience!!

Al Dronsfield Speaks: Jan and I just finished a Panama Canal cruise with Holland America. Prior to taking a grad tour of the ship we were reading the things to do menu. Can you believe it; there is a game called Club Dutch Shuffleboard. We’ve got to check this one out!!
I slid a few wooden discs and we decided maybe we should get the rules from the front desk. Following are the playing rotation and info they gave me along with some pictures I took.

Club Dutch Shuffleboard – Playing Rotation

Each player gets 3 turns per set to slide as many pucks through the gate bar as possible, the goal being to tally the highest score. Simple enough, right? Here’s the kicker;   whenever a player fills each slot in a given set, their points count for double. So, placing a single disc in each slot means you get 20 points for your set instead of 10. Got the game?
The gate bar is marked 2,3,4,1 from left to right. Each slot is 6 centimeters wide so you have just enough space to squeeze your disc in there. Within each of these slots is a partition that separates discs that have already passed through the gate bar.
The highest score you can achieve is 148 which would so happen to occur if you managed to get 7 pucks in the 1 slot.
If you reach this high score (148) in the 2 sub-sets, you get 1 extra disc. Make the last shot into the 4 slot and you have the highest score possible of 152!! (Click on any pic to expand)

Here is a pic of Earl Ball shuffling during our Holland Inaugural of 2008. It appears to be a different game than the game Al and Jan viewed on board their cruise ship???  Just about every person on the Inaugural had a chance to try the “Holland Courts.”  Doris Bumstead became so enthused with the Game, she very nearly purchased two of the “Holland Courts”.  We all had a great time. 

Stan McCormack.  2017 10 02.

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