Share the Excitement of Hawthorne!! Did Ball Get Any Closer to 1,000?? Dronsfield and Willimason Take 1st!!

The two top favored teams almost had to fight it out in consolation. As has been said before, “Let the Games begin” and begin they did, here in the Northern District with the first tournament of the season P01B. Many stories came out of this one. Earl’s journey to the Green Jacket, Instant Pro’s, near upsets, but of great importance to us in the Northern District we held our ground and protected our turf.
So let’s begin with Earl, as Glen had made a comment that he hoped to get to play Earl and possibly putting a monkey wrench into is progress. Well that opportunity didn’t develop. Earl and Henry had their hands full with Bob Guerrini and Micky Henson. All eyes were on that match as Bob And Micky had destiny in their hands to strike a blow. 72 – 71 in the 3 game and Bob and Micky had the next two hammers. It didn’t happen, Earl and Henry prevailed. It appeared Earl was going to get a bit closer to the Green Jacket as they entered the semi’s against Paul Prescott and home boy Bob Robinson. They went 3 games Paul winning the lag and Paul and Bob went on to victory and facing Stan Williamson and Allen Dronsfield. Earl and Henry finished 3rd after playing season veteran and Hawthorne resident Lee Newell and a District Amateur Bill Jones. Bill made instant pro but deferred. So Earl now gets to 10 points from the Green Jacket and it appears he will meet his projected award date of Dec. 17th. that is if Henry’s shoulders hold up, LOL!!

The Northern District aimed to make a statement as Stan (Williamson)  and Allen (Dronsfield) headed into the finals. It wasn’t a cake walk as Stan and Al first faced Steve Raimondi and Frank Niziolek and went 3 games winning the lag and the match. Next was some home boy’s Frank Cherill and Leaping Lew Kagan, after a dog fight and winning the lag we got past them as well. We breezed thru the 3 match and called it a day. This morning, Tuesday, Oct 10th, meeting Lee Newell and Bill Jones we thought we had them all wrapped up in the 2nd game but the wheels came off and they slid in for the 2nd game victory. We again won the lag and eventually put them away and sent them over to Earl and Henry. We met Paul (Prescott) and Bob (Robinson) in the finals and they had been very strong up to this point but we got them in the 1st game and it was going their way in the 2nd game but mother nature interrupted that game in the near end. We were sitting at 67 – 63 the frame was nearly finished when the disc were being called to pull them back. Then final disc stopped dead due to moisture before going off the board 7 points to their favor. Paul suggested the frame be shot over when it cleared up. It was agreed upon and I cleared, cleared and cleared and put one in the 8 and that was the end of it.
After being inducted last season into the Northern District Hall of Fame this gets me 5 points closer to the State Hall of Fame.
So lets do the math, in the men’s main, 5 out of the 8 players were from the Northern District and 3 from the Central District.
I was not provided the consolation results, I do apologize. I know Steve Raimondi and Frank Niziolek were in there 1st or 2nd in consolation playing Bob Guerini and Micky Henson, I heard Micky say what a surprise to be coming back on day two, and Dean Myklejord and Mike Seyfer were playing for 3rd & 4th in consolation against Dave Clugstone and Tom Winkelspecht and I apologize if I didn’t get your names right Dave and Tom, and they are from the Central East Dist.
The women excelled!!  Sharon Upson/Doris Hanke finished 1st in the main followed by Barb Tulip/Cheryl Cole, these top four ladies are from the Northern Dist. 3rd. was Nancy Myklejord/Pauline Murphy, of the Central Dist. and 4th. Mary Jane Neuman/Jane Moore 2 more from the Northern Dist. Ladies Consolation  – Gail Howell/Carol Helfer from the Northern Dist, 2nd. Katy Walker/Charlotte Steadman, Central Dist. 3rd. Jane Sackman/Carol May Northern Dist. and  4th. Lorraine Merrifield/Carol Wallin Central Dist. 
10 out 16 ladies were Northern Dist. Don’t you know that as we head south to Zephyrhills next Monday they will be looking for redemption.

Written by Allen Dronsfield     2017 10 03

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