On Stage, German Shuffler President Dieter Hussmann!

Four years and a few days have passed!! Dieter continues to be an active and successful supporter of Shuffleboard!!

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dieterhussmannDieter Hussmann (54, lives in Langenselbold, forex dealer), founding member and president of the GSA and first German Champion 2006, has competed in 5 ISA events since 2006, 1 time best national finisher, ISA Sportsmanship Award 2006, HOF member 2011, 3 times Captain of the Dieter in 2009 celebrates 50German Team.

We will begin our “add on” for Dieter by inserting a pic of he and the shuffling members of his family, Birgitt and Torben, a pic taken on the celebration of Dieter’s 50th birthday > August of 2009.

For the very few who may not know, Dieter has been in the forefront in promoting shuffleboard in Europe.  German enthusiasm did not end with the creation of the GSA; IT BEGAN.  The Hussmanns were prime movers in the Wonderful Sochi Inaugural!!  Who among us will ever forget the Shuffleboard Match on German Television?   At the time, USNSA President Gus Bondi wrote this in part:

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