Stan Bober Gives Us The Results!!!! 2017 10 06

Stan Supports Shuffleboard Each and Every Day!!


Turns out he is not!!  Here in his own words, he describes his first mistake EVER!!!

“I was in the middle of semi finals play and forgot to take pictures until we were half way home.   Oooooopppppsssss!”

Earl Gives Stan a “PASS”?? WILL YOU???

Here is the results page anyway. 

Posted by THE OTHER STAN: McCormack.  2017 10 06

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3 Responses to Stan Bober Gives Us The Results!!!! 2017 10 06

  1. Earl Ball says:

    I don’t know about anyone else but I’ll give you a pass!

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  2. stan bober says:

    Thanks for the pass Earl. My partner George and I faced Steve Raimondi and his partner Susan in the semi’s and lost a nail biter. Then faced Frank Niziolek and his partner Chris in the finals. We lost the first game by at least 50 points. We made a comeback and won the next two games. Playing against Steve and Frank was enough for any half sane webmaster to forget about pictures!


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