Gus and Marie Bondi > 60 Years Together and Counting!!

62 Years of Happiness!!

Gus and Marie Bondi Speak: Another year has passed  and things are going well!!

I still have my neuropathy in my feet and I can say it has gotten a little worse but it doesn’t effect my playing shuffleboard. When I walk, I use a cane as a precaution.
Got done with the first phase of my chemo treatments for my tumor…..28 radiation treatments and some chemo that I carried around with me 24/7…my tumor has shrunk to half the size.
Now on the second phase of my 12 treatments that I take every two weeks…just finished my fourth treatment this past week.
My faithful wife Marie has been with me all the time, going to all the doctors appointments and all of my treatments. Looking forward to the end of the treatments and a clean bill of health so we can get on with our great retired life.
No family vacations planned until I get over my treatments. Not sure where the next one will be……Maybe Disney World with the great grand kids and it is close by.
Hope to be around next year to give you the latest update.

Gus and Marie Bondi.  2017 10 08

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6 Responses to Gus and Marie Bondi > 60 Years Together and Counting!!

  1. Congratulations on your 60 years together. Glad you had a good report Gus and tumor is shrinking. Will pray for continued shrinkage.


  2. Arlene Guerrini says:

    Happy anniversary Gus & Marie!  Please have excellent  😊 results with yourTreatments.  We have been married exactly the same 62 years!  Great 👍 Marriages for sure!  See you on the courts shuffling!Love ❤️ goes out to you & Marie, may we both have many more years together!Arlene & Bob

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  3. Thomas Gionet says:

    Have a blessed Anniversary Gus and Marie.My wife Olive and I have 62 years
    God Bless you both.

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  4. Dale & Sheila Monday says:

    Happy Anniversary! Hope that you have many more!

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  5. Moe & Teresa Vermeulen says:

    Happy Anniversary! Happy you are doing better.

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  6. Virginia Chandler says:

    Happy Anniversary to you both and so glad to hear the results of your progress ! Our continued prayers and good wishes to you both !


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