Results: PO2B @ Zephyrhills; Mens and Ladies Doubles!! 2017 10 10


Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Club’s top team, Chuck Moulton & Steve Barnett won the ZSC State Championship for the 3rd time in 5 years and more importantly kept Dave Kudro and Dave Minnich from planting Bradenton’s Flag in Zephyrhills.

The Daves are a great team but Zephyrhills is very proud of their powerhouse team of Chuck and Steve; it’s rare that they even get beat in a practice match. They only lost two games in the entire tournament.

The Women’s division was won by the Clearwater team of Ellen Davis and Arlene Guerrini, both Hall of Famers and certainly the class of the field. Pix at top. 

Katy Walker a member of the ZSC Club and her Leesburg partner Gail Howell gave them a run in the Championship match but in the end couldn’t overcome the power of the Clearwater team.
The tournament also saw two new players make instant Pro, Betty Russell of Betmar and Diane Beaulier of ZSC. Both deferred until next season and will take State Am.


Henry Strong’s shoulders weren’t broad enough to carry Earl, who played horribly the 1st day but recovered to take 1st in consolation to move within 8 points of 1000, needed to justify the Green Jacket!!

Article sent along by Earl Ball WITH THANKS!!  2017 10 10 19:50 (and counting)

PO2B State Tournament . Zephyrhills

Main    Laidies                                    11 Teams

1. Ellen Davis & Arlene Guerrini (Clearwater)
2. Katy Walker & Gail Howell (Leesburg)
3. Mary Christensen & Marie Stymist (Betmar)
4. Diane Beaulier &  Betty Russell (Betmar)


1. Ginny Chandler & Nancy Myklejord (Lakeland)
2. Carol May & Sue Insinga (Hawthorne)
3. Sharon Dejardins (Clearwater) & Ellie Prevost (BC)
4. Carol Wallin & Betty Hutchins (Betmar)


Main                                                    28 Teams

1. Steve Barnett & Chuck Moulton
2. Dave Minnich & Dave Kudro (Bradenton)
3. Al Dronsfield (Tavares) & Dean Myklejord (Lakeland)
4. George Darwin & Lee Hutchins (Betmar)


1. Earl Ball & Henry Strong
2. Jim Chandler & John Houghtaling
3. Lyle Walker & Dennis Abbenante (Hawthorne)
4. Bill Everett & Gary Krause

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