We Give You a Preview of the State Tournament underway at Zephyrhills!!

Al Dronsfield Speaks:  Good morning Stan; a big thank you and a preview of results to come by way of Earl (Ball).

First of all a big thank you to Henry Strong, Chuck Moulton and crew for a great job as always in getting Zephyrhills  setup for this weeks State Tournament.

Doris Hanke and I setup Breast Cancer Awareness station for donations. Every bow was gone by days end. We accumulated $105 in donations! A big thank you to all!!  More bows will be made available at Clearwater, Betmar and Bradenton also Tavares and Mid-Florida Lakes in the Northern District.  In support of this I went to a professional nail salon and had my nails done in hot pink, it went over very well and certainly worth doing again. The ladies and I even compared nail jobs, LOL!!

Randall Gearsbeck

Bruce Pulsifer

Earl will of course have the complete run down on the events results later, but day one sent Earl and Henry into consolation by way of a very strong Randle Gearsbeck, Bruce Pulsifer team, a team which Dean (Myklejord) and I met later; we were able to send them home but not without a battle.

The top two ladies from last week at Hawthorne, Doris Hanke and Sharon Upson were sent home also.
It appears Earl and Henry will be bidding for 1 or 2 points to get Earl closer to his Green Jacket. Good luck Earl.

Written by Allen Dronsfield.  2017 10 10 09:00

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