PO2A Reported by Tom Clayton, Avon Park President.

Warm Welcome by Avon Park Shufflers

Tom Clayton Speaks: Avon Park Senior Activities Center (APSAC) was honored to host 30 of the State’s finest Ladies and 36 distinguished Gentlemen for Tournament P02A on Monday and Tuesday, October 9th. & 10th.

APSAC’s members worked proudly & tirelessly to erase all traces of Hurricane Irma to make sure that all of our Honorable Guests could fully enjoy our historic facility.

Please visit us at:  http://www.avonparkseniorcenter.com/

This tournament was graciously sponsored by Warren’s Auto Sales of Avon Park.

Finalists – Ladies Division
1st. – Judy Holloway (Sebring) & Rosemary Comeau (Sebring)
2nd. – Dianna Allen (Riverwoods) & Ruth Brown (Sebring)
3rd. – Debbie Norton (Lee Co.) & Helen Biaggi (Lee Co.)
4th. – Mary Bamesberger (Avon Park) &  Ethelene Nash (Avon Park)

{ Mary Bamesberger and Ethelene Nash are both District Amateurs from Avon Park. }

1st.. – Pam Nurnberger (Bradenton) & Nancy Sclafini (Bradenton)
2nd. – Joan Mondry (Sebring) & Pauline Murphy (Lakeland)
3rd.  – Marietta Cobb (Lee Co.) & Joan Buck (Lee Co.)
4th. –  Sheri Weese (Vero Beach) & Jeanie Andrews (Vero Beach)

Finalists – Men’s Division
1st. –  Ron Nurnberger (Bradenton) & Jim Miller (Bradenton)
2nd. – Jay Fitzpatrick (Century Vill) & Bob Hovatter (Lks of Melbo)
3rd. – Jerry Stannard (Golf Lakes) & Ralph Lozano (Golf Lakes)
4th. – Harold Comeau (Sebring) & Ed Straub (Sebring)

1st. –  Tom Clayton (Avon Park) & Don Rood (Avon Park)
2nd. – Sam Allen (Riverwoods) & Jack Norton (Lee Co.)
3rd. – Ray Buck (Lee Co.) & Steve Biaggi (Lee Co.)
4th. – Jacques Beaudry (Lks of Melbo) & Rich Anderson (Spanish Lakes)

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