We Give You the Results for the CD Opening Tournament!!!

Jerry Deren Speaks: The shuffle tourney @ LKL started off warm & humid. The 22 pro
& 14 amateur players drew partners before play began. The format   was 8 frames down on one color & switch colors for the remaining 8   frames. Ties resulted in a 3rd game.

All the games were dramatic & interesting , but one in particular was   Earl Ball & partner Harold Comeau playing behind in points against their opponents the whole game of their 2nd game of their 2nd   match until the 15th frame when Earl @ the head of the court made a miraculouse shot to put them up by 2 pts . They survived that   game & placed 1st in consolation.

main                       pro            consolation

1st   Ozcar Clarin /George Darwin             Harold Comeau/Earl Ball
2nd  Barb Fournier/Louie Steadman        Gina Chandler/Betty Hutchins
3rd  Bill Baird/Steve Barnett                      Larry Metzgar/Peggy Savage
4th  John Houghtaling/Claire Kitson       Keith Morton/Ray Fournier

1st Robert Miller/RossLacombe             Jim Paige/Denny Wallin
2nd Marie Collette/Jerry Miller              Dick Lightner/Goerge Leisure
3rd Neal Slingerland/Fay Burns             Mike Schmitt/Mack Camaione
4th Sandy Bigam/Linda Dwelley            Steve Worcester/James Marquess

Sent along by the guy with the “Big Hat” > Pic at Top.  Thanks Jerry!!


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