David Kudro is the New President of the Florida Shuffleboard Assn.!

FSA PRESIDENT DAVID KUDRO SPEAKS:  I  wanted to share with you and the many readers of your shuffleboard blog the events happening as a result of the Florida Shuffleboard Association board meeting held October 14, 2017 in Sebring Florida.

The meeting was called to order by FSA President Landy Adkins and upon the opening President Landy Adkins announced her resignation as President of the FSA for personal reasons. Landy gave many thanks to all the board members and the shuffleboard family for their continued support during her trying times over the last two years. During our regular meeting, in an unanimous vote by the board, Landy will be inducted into the FSA Hall of Fame Presidents Award as a Past President. It should be noted that Landy served as the first Madame President.

David Kudro is now the current FSA President. Bob Hovatter assumes the 1st Vice President position and Marti Noble is now the 2nd Vice President. President Kudro appointed Southern District President Bob Smith to serve as 3rd Vice President.
It was good to see Pat King return representing the Northern District at the Board meeting. Pat served several years as on the Board and an valuable member of the Executive Board as Third and Second Vice President.

One of President Kudro’ s first actions was to Stress the importance of the Publicity and Marketing Standing Committee. President Kudro appointed each District President and District State Rep to the Publicity and Marketing Standing Committee.  He further stressed that Publicity and Marketing will be on every Agenda and be prepared to report to as what actions they are doing in their Districts to promote shuffleboard.
Another important item before the board was the move up point system for Amateurs.
After listening to all 7 District Presidents and their State Reps and realizing that each District concerns and makeup were such that one policy, on move up points, would not work in every District.
The first step was to give each District the autonomy (which exists in our current rules and regulations) to control the move up points given in each District Tournament. Here is the FSA  rule in Article 9 that supports this action: e) Each district has the option in a District Tournament of awarding points or not, depending on the size of the tournament field.
It was further discussed that the number of points earned by finishing place for 1st, 2nd etc. can also be reduced to slow the movement up to pro to allow the Amateur to develop a skill set be competitive as a Pro. The 5 points in three years is the set rule for ALL Districts, however, under 9e, each District can adjust the move up points unique to the number of amateur shufflers each tournament and use this to manage the pace an amateur becomes a pro. To further aid in this, we also passed a motion to allow each District, that has players playing in State Amateur tournaments (Which currently have small fields) to also reduce move up points for this type of tournament.  Prior to this motion these “State” move up points were not adjustable. With fewer amateurs, these State Amateur tournaments aided in shufflers moving up too fast. Should this work successfully and our amateur base grows, the points can go back up. This will only work if the District board passes locally changes that will work in their respective District. If a District doesn’t manage the move up points amateurs will continue to move up too fast and we will be no further ahead.
We further passed a motion to eliminate the awarding of Instant Pro for State Pro/Open tournaments. Early season and small tournaments made this a situation where an amateur could win only one match and make it into the Semi’s and be an instant pro way before they are ready. All these changes were made to take effect immediately.

In another effort in promoting shuffleboard FSA Historian John Brown will have a Historian committee member from each District to develop ideas to promote shuffleboard sharing our history.

The board meeting was well attended with several guests and President Kudro warmly welcomed the President, and 4 Directors of The Saint Pete Shuffleboard Club. President Kudro plans on meeting and working closely with the Saint Pete club and having this club be an intricate part of the FSA. Here is a club where over 100 years ago, organized Florida shuffleboard began. St Pete had such an impact that from there it vastly grew over all of Florida. Due to several events happenings over the years the membership was down to a little over 20 members. Now let’s look at what has happened to the Saint Pete Shuffleboard Club. They have now over 1,000 members and have not only the largest club, but in my estimation the best organized club with a clear vision of their future. As President, I will work hard to bring back State tournaments to St. Pete to times that will work for the Millennials and shufflers that still work  like Jim Allen of Allen R. Shuffleboard. We must make shuffleboard available to all and this could be the first baby step. I look at St Pete as where shuffleboard was born and now what St.Pete Shuffleboard Club has done over the last 12 years as a re-birth that can, like over 100 years ago spread again all over Florida.

Respectfully Submitted
David Kudro FSA President.   2017 10 15.

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2 Responses to David Kudro is the New President of the Florida Shuffleboard Assn.!

  1. Virginia Chandler says:

    Great news and Congratulations to our new president and a Big Thank you to Landy !


  2. Myrna Bilton says:

    “Congratulations” David on being the FSA President. Best wishes to you and your board.
    Thank you Landy for a job well done. Enjoy your retirement.
    Myrna Bilton
    ISA President


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